Welcome to FeeSpeech

It's hard to find your voice on the Internet. Free Speech is great, but fighting for likes, upvotes, subscribers, and followers just to be heard is a constant grind.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
FeeSpeech is the only platform that let’s you stand out. There are no followers, no upvotes, no likes, just your content. Anyone can post their ideas on any subject. Anyone can find their voice and be heard. Though, much like in real life, what you have to say will cost you.
What sort of content will you contribute to the global conversation? Will you act the troll or the peacemaker? Perhaps you have something to contribute about politics, or religion, or the state of the world. Let’s find out.

How does it work?

You can say anything you like for the listed price, within the confines of the law and a somewhat generous character limit. What you say will remain the only content anyone sees on this site’s homepage until you’re outbid for $1 more. It may remain featured for a year, a day, or merely a minute depending on how strongly the next person feels about what they have to say.

Can I make changes to my post after it’s submitted?

No. This site is built with blockchain technology. Your comments cannot be changed. If you’d like to change what you have to say, post again.